Saturday, April 24, 2010


I just watched Billy Elliot and it inspired me to be more true to myself...

I play piano like a lot of other kids in my area so it's not considered strange or foreign at all. In a different but somehow similar way to Billy it's still an ostracized activity. Because I'm Asian it's expected in an almost stereotypical way and so me playing piano is not looked on proudly nor negatively but rather indifferently. It's a different type of disapproval I guess.

It's hard to grasp why exactly piano strikes such a chord in me. For the longest time I thought piano was just another step towards a college future but over the many years it's become so much more than that. It is the one activity I've been committed to for such a long period of time. Whenever I was sad or emotional the piano calmed me down. It was my allotted me time in a way. When I played nobody bothered me. I was in my own world. If I was doing homework, reading, watching TV...even using the bathroom, people would be calling to me from all over the house. But as soon as music starts floating out from the piano nothing could touch me. Even the cell phone went off. It was just me and my music. That type of world...I don't think I'll ever find one like it again.

Like people say, it's all the little things that make the difference. I never really noticed until now all the little things I do because of my passion for piano. Having a "piano songs i like" playlist on youtube, going to piano concerts alone or with my mom, piano camp with Daniel Pollack every year (always a joy :) ), spending half a day at Cornell University's music library to inhale the scent of music books, using the crappy school pianos after school when waiting for my mom rather than hanging out with 'the group', going to my piano teacher's house to file music just to be around the Steinway, etc. etc. etc. After realizing all these little quirks it made me feel so happy to know that there was something that drove me forward. The last 8 years have been a blessing...I really couldn't be more happy with the privileges I've been given to do this.

Thus, my dream one day is to found a foundation to help incredibly gifted kids like Billy Elliot to go after their dream in professional arts school.

While others make fun of me for blasting 98.1 from my car like Lady Gaga for others I've learned from Billy Elliot to really care less. "It's like electricity."

What inspires you?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

black is blacker in black

sorry the photoquality is bad. I feel really awkward taking the pictures outside b/c the only good place to take them is in perfect sight for my neighbors to watch!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Gabble Dee Dabbers

Great weather today! Of course I was screwed over by the morning cold and wore wintery clothes. Good job me! So i tried to get some vengeance by wearing my romper once I came home. It's super comfy. I need to get a bandeau to wear with it. 5 Dollars at Tar-Jayyyy. Will get it sometime.

p.s. I enjoy Kristi's photobooth :))))

Sunday, April 18, 2010

hey summer. ready for you!

TyE trip to Boston was really great. Learned alot, had a smooth sailin presentation, and bonded with our chaperone Brother Anurag :D

Also got accepted to the Cornell Summer Program. Things have been good. Super nice weather today here which is unusual.

Hoping I'll make some great life long friends at Cornell. Also hoping for some eye candy ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

don't be cheeky

Out of the day...well more last Monday. It's been a few days since that picture.
cardigan: H&M
top: Urban outfitters
white camisole
grey leggings: f21
Eyelashes! being asian makes it impossibly difficult to have eyelashes that don't point down to the ground. even with mascara and abusive curling...they'll never look 'long' or 'lush'.


stay luscious!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

this was back in winter

I took this pictures probably back in JANUARY! sorry for the poor lighting, winter days are way shorter :( Anyway, I guess it's a better temperature now to do this.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TiE Youth Entrepreneurship Program

My team won! We are going to Boston next Friday for the international competition. It is exciting.

My mom just got mad at me again because I questioned her. Reasons why I am not going to study something she disapproves of. I simply don't have the energy to fight her. I don't know how my sister did it...

As they say mom is always right. Even if it kills me to agree to whatever she says I'll just do it so I don't look stupid at the end when I'm wrong which I always will be because I always am.

failing winner in training

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cornell Trip - Complete!

I'm back back back back back!
Sad to be back, that is.
Definitely did not want to take that plane ride back from Ithaca to here. Really enjoyed the trip, learned alot, and am already missing my sister.

After arriving home I napped, watched Modern Family, and relished in the joy I had left before picking back up everything I'd left on my agenda. Good times...

I'm hoping that wasn't the last time I'm on that Cornell campus. I'm prepping to be Cornell's class of 2015! Go Big Red!