Tuesday, September 28, 2010

those long legs that go on forever

Love this outfit. I currently love heeled/wedged lace up boots. I have to get my hands on some before it seems like i'm just copying everyone else. I'm definitely copying SOME people but I don't want to get them when the whole world has them because they're offered at target and fred meyers. No offense to target, you're my go-to-gal for basics! Anywayyy, I adore this outfit. The flowwy dress, the knee high knit socks, the lovely boots, the cute little scarf. I was having problems finding a top for the socks and shoes but I'd also wear an oversized shirt dress and a leather jacket but I was too lazy to make that on the polyvore image :)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wish List + Update

Just got back from a weekend trip to San Francisco with the sister! It was fabulous and pictures will be up soon

I really need boots for winter. Last year everyone was wearing suede boots so I bought leather and now this year everyone's wearing knee high leather riding boots. So now I'm looking for something else and I've fallen in love with these two puppies. I'll probably buy a pair of leather ones just because they're simple but these are pretty bad ass!!!
Urban Outfitters
Nine West

Anyway! Senior year's been pretty drab so far but on the bright side...USHERS COMING TO TOWN AND I AM GOING. oh yes. feel the amazingness surround you.