Saturday, January 22, 2011

Batman Blackout!

Nah I'm not part of a cult ;) Out school had a blackout/whiteout game versus our rival high school! Obviously we were the blackout.
Black top: Urban Outfitters
White dress: American Outfitters
Tights: Uniqlo
Boots: Nordstroms
Anyway! Outfit of the day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Won't Exams End Already?

Ok, so exams haven't quite started yet either. Hell officially begins tomorrow. Luckily, half days for the rest of the week!

I started my senior year scrapbook ( i have one for every year since 9th grade, aww) and will post pics soon.

xoxo, organicmilke

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy MLK Day!

"When I am able to resist the temptation to judge others, I can see them as teachers of forgiveness in my life, reminding me that I can only have peace of mind when I forgive rather than judge." ~ Gerald Jampolsky

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lace Tank + Leggings = 3 diff outfits!

I didn't know how to wear the lace tank from Aritzia at first. I thought I'd just have to wear it under high waisted skirts and the like but I found out later how long it can actually be stretched out to! I wore the cotton camisole from Aritzia underneath (that's not a bra you're seeing!) and it worked out well with several layered tops!

1) Casual: The lose burned beige shirt is from my last post. I knotted the bottom so it hung loosely over the lace tank. I'm wearing Uniqlo black leggings (they're the BEST) under. I'd probably pair this with simple flats or boots
2) Summer (I want it bad...): This is the floral blue vest from the last post! The black shape under the tank is from the camisole not from my bra. i think alot of people would think it's kind of slutty but idk..I think its like hinting but not flat out slutty. I'm ok with it.

3) Casual Dress Up: Just the simple black silk blazer from the last post!

xoxo, OrganicMilke

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Haul

It's been a longer winter (technically it's not over yet...) i've never done a haul before b/c its so annoying to take photo and upload. Despite all the effort the photo quality is pretty pitiful b/c i was lazy and used my mobile to take all the shots. Hopefully it's not too bad? Here it is!
F21 Floral Vest: ~$13
Aritzia Cotton Tank: $24
Thrifted Plaid Shirt: $8. Yes it is Abercrombie. No judging!
Urban Outfitters Silk Blazer: Black Friday! $15. Sorry the flash makes it look dingy but it was the only way you could see the collar detail. In real life its pitch black
Thrifted cotton dress: $6 It'll be so cute for the beach! Yesi am already thinking of the summer
Urban Outfitters Silk Camisole: $7 Black Friday is amazing :)
Payless Flats ($14) and BCBG Flats (my mom bought them for me so idk the price)
Forever21 loose burnt shirt: $14
Urban Outfitters Exposed back top: $15 (Black Friday yet again!)
Forever 21 Romper: $19 Love the comfy soft material
Aritzia Lace Top: $15 It was on sale. Aritzia is usually SO pricey. Cute for layering.

Urban and Aritzia are usually really pricey (average prices around $50 for just a top) but if you wait for the right times it's not hard to dress well! I get alot of use out of all these items so it really is a steal.

That's all! Until there's more (which I think there might be...) toodleloo!

xoxo, OrganicMilke

new haircut!

It's actually not really a big change. I just chopped off a good inch because the ends were getting to dead. My hair grew out pretty steadily! took good two years to get from a short bob to this! and technically it'd be longer b/c i had to get a bob again for a play i was in! not shabbbbbay!

I bought new flats!! They were so stiff on the bottoms though...I had to bend em' like crazy! They went from 45 to 14 dollars!! I've been going on a crazy shopping spree since end of December so there are more pics to come :)
xiao long bao from this new restaurant that's always packed...I've had better
These hand pulled noodles were quit good!! soup was better than the noodles.
This pork was so tender!! The best part of the meal I thought

As you can see I love love loveeee food

xoxo, Organicmilke

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weekend Breakfast

Yum! I love toast, scrambled eggs, and pan fried sausage! It's my favorite kind of breakfast. I'm actually not a huge fan of super sweet breakfasts (waffles, pancakes, etc.) I love savory food :)

I'm in the midst of job apps...It's getting hectic. I know I have finals coming up in a week but my priorities keep getting screwed over. Damn.

xoxo, organicmilke

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Strapless Bras: Mankinds greatest Invention

I LOVE GILLY HICKS (newfound obsession)

Well Strapless Bras and Gilly Hicks (wikipedia described it as A&F's cheeky cousin.)

Gilly Hicks is under the same parent company as AF and Hollister but its SO MUCH BETTER. Gilly Hicks is entirely for women and 3/4 of the store is bras and underwear. It was heaven. The interior design was what really amazed me. Its the dark mahogany you find all over AF but minus the stench that leaves you feeling winded and suddenly with asthma. The staff was so friendly, the bags are adorable, and again the interior design was fantastic. I can't find photos of the dressing rooms online but they were fit for Marie Antoinette. Truly gorgeous!!

Bras were so cheap (went down from 34.50 to 12.90.) I bought a strapless navy bra and wow the difference of that when wearing lace detailed tops is fantastic. It looks much cleaner and the bra itself is great. Even if I jump up and down it doesn't fall due to the awesome quality of the hooks and the thickness of the band. YAYYYYY. Here it is. I also bought underwear but that's just TMI.

New Years Workout

This cardio work out left my legs sore for two days (decent amount) and the "Bond Girl Workout" (I only do the push up segments) have left my arms nice and sore! When I use machines my arms never feel sore the day after so I'm glad to discover that I can do all those muscle toning workouts at home even! I highly recommend these these two workouts if you're looking for a good challenging work out.

Time Speed Incline

0-2:00 4 mph 2

2:00-4 5.5 mph 2

4:00-4:20 8 mph 2

4:20-4:30 OFF 2

4:30-4:50 8 mph 2

4:50-5:00 OFF 2

Repeat 3 more x

9:00-10:00 4 mph 2

10:00-15:00 4 mph 10

15:00-17:00 4 mph 3

17:00-17:20 8.5 2

17:20-17:30 OFF

Repeat 17:00-17:30 7 more times (total of 4 minutes of intervals)

21:00-22:00 4 mph 2

23:00-25:00 5.5 mph 2

25:00-30:00 6 mph 2

*Running workout from

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Post Holiday Fattiness


this holiday season felt very calm to me. my sister will be moving out soon to start her first job in either Connecticut or NYC. we're still not sure yet but it'll be one of the two.

After all the yummy goodies from this break I have definitely felt the increase in poundage within me. I'll be hitting the gyms starting tomorrow (start of a new year!) to prepare for the prom (all bearing dresses) and summer (shorts and bikini tops.) I want this to be the first summer I don't feel all blubbery and gross...

In preparation! I need to buy some new shorts and sports bras. I'll most likely be hitting up the outlet malls again to visit Puma Nike and Adidas!

less than 115 pounds here i come!