Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh Land

Just discovered this singer. She's so different. Very quirky and folksy feel to her music. It's pleasent stuff to listen to while doing homework.

Ke$ha's Blow MV was hilarious. "Edible lactose gold"

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I have a feeling...tonight's gonna be a good night

Such a great day/night :)
Work was great! Learned register, was a greeter, did fitting rooms, and worked the far room. Learning registers was so hectic but I got the hang of it and it was a successful day. Will admit my throat became kind of parched from the ventilated cologne's particles. My friends dropped by near the end of shift so it was a glorious end to my shift :)

Met at Maggianos right after for a little surprise birthday dinner for a close friend. Our "surprise!" was a huge failure but the night was a success. We were all in a food coma slouched in our corner booth until we crawled out two hours later. Meandered around the mall and then eventually settled at the Microsoft store for a solid hour. The boys became quickly enamored with an alien destruction game...and realized they could stratagize the game by creating a maze with their destroyers....yes, how awesome are they. BestFriend and I frolicked to Kinect Dance (we drew a crowd with our skills) and grabbed froyo as we laughed and compared the typical "dudes" who came into the store and watched a group of hot girls play kinect and our guy friends who continued to play their game.

and i'm little curious about this
We'll see how this summer's plans pan out. F4 loveeee

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Night

Very chill evening. Skyped/screen shared with my best friend around 8:30. We're still skyping! We were planning to watch a movie together like Blair and Dan did on a recent episode of GG :) But it didn't pan out b/c her megavideo wasn't working. My popcorn was in the microwave as she told me :( So I just ate it while a fatty

ily best frandddd! You are my other half! or 1 and 1/2 since you're taller...

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It's super super snowy. I can't drive down the big hill by my house :( Happy birthday to one of my best friends, Ben!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Lanvin Patent Leather Wedges ($1280)

Oh my god...These are ridiculous. But they're awfully pretty to look at....One step and I'd be face planting

Chanel Chance Eau de Tendre ($65)

I want this so's like the smell of sexy berries. I swear to god that doesn't really make sense but it makes sense once you smell it! It's only a mere $65 for a tiny ass 1.7oz's not like I couldn't feed myself for a month on that. :( One day...

Marchesa Silk Chiffon Gown ($990)

The dress I am buying is basically just like this but obs not $990. I love it so muchhhh. But I have to get it readjusted in the top area b/c its awkwardly too large up there....

Paul & Joe Nid Turban ($227.50 (and that's after a 30% discount))

I could probably knit this (and by I, I mean my grandma) but buying is so much easier. Well it'd be easier if it lost that hundreds digit...

Let It Snow!

Yes it's February. and yes snow has blessed us with no school :)

I will actually be enjoying the day in the divine outfit that is sweats and a hoodie...but if I had these items of course I would wear them :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sex and the City

I don't care that all these ladies are my mother's age...the story line is just so great :) 4 best friends and their fantastic lives.

"[Whether it be] men or kids. We're soulmates"

I watched Sex and the City 2 with my mom (she likes the series too.) Yah it was rated 2/5 stars...but I happen to love those movies. The more glamorous and cheesy it is the more I like it.

The images from the first movie are so fantastic....I'm drooling at the thought of all those glorious editorials.

Sex and the City Movie 1: During Carrie's Vogue Wedding photoshoot.

(Carrie in Paris Season 6. Favorite Episode!!!!)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Hair and Food

Dyed my hair last week. its now...1/2 a shade lighter...yay....I'll probably redye it sometime later but I don't want to completely murder my hair just yet. it's quite brown/red in the sun. Waiting for summer!
All you can eat hotpot...that plate is solely meat. i wanna go for hotpot with my friends some time
Went to a taiwanese restaurant with two friends. this dish was sooo good. it's just stewed beef over rice.
The cute waiter at the korean restaurant my mom and I always go to gave us extra sidedishes and got out the fish cakes I like that they weren't serving that day :) I have a running list of food I've gotten for free since this summer and I'm excited to add to it

Sunday, February 20, 2011

current wants

I'm getting so into that whimsical, flowing, loose, pastel colored style that is California's

I'm getting dangerously obsessed with one arm dresses where the one sleeve is a big batwing/bell.

1. one armed dresses. trust me I want more than just that one. and that one isn't even my favorite.
2. not really a current want but its so flowy, and pastelly, and day i will work those maxi dresses.
3. feathered items. i am turning into a hippie i swear. but that necklace is to die for. its currently in my checkout basket online at f21
4. capelet trench. the shoulder detailing is cute.

Tony Moly

I don't know why the name of this skin/makeup line is so awkward...why would you ever name your brand "Tony Moly"? Awkward names aside, my mom's going to go back to Hong Kong for a short visit to see grandma and she always brings me back some asian goodies. This year I've been really into masks/serums/etc. Since it's Asia you can expect cute packaging so I was immediately drawn to these when I saw it on <--cosmetics/skincare brand from Hong Kong
Obviously they're all egg shaped but each has a different task. I'm not going to purchase the one on the left which is a blackhead removing gel peel b/c after reading alot of reviews it doesn't actually do much. The middle one is a clay mask which I will be getting, and the far right one is a makeup primer which I heard good things about. I mostly just want these because they're so cute...

After you're done you can punch in that top little area which will become a hole space. In the bottom you put seeds and you can grow plants out the top!!! How adorable is that..really now.

Here's to asian products :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Don't buy this!

Gilly Hicks - La Perouse - $44

Ew, do not get this. I liked the smell when it was on the clothes I bought so I went back and bought it but now it sends off gag reflexes for me! I hate it. I'm returning it today but the location of this store is so far's irritating.

Don't buy it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


ASOS woolen jacket: I hate the front but I love the back. The back is to die for. The detailing at the nape of the neck is so gorgeous...But the front lacks serious paneling so it makes the model look thicker than she is. Now imagine what it would do on a shorter wider frame...that's me :( The skirt is a bit too full for me too. But that back...that back makes it all worth while
ASOS Equestrian jacket. I thought the back on this jacket was similar, but inverted. The fabric of the coat doesn't look very good though and the front was so uninteresting I didn't even bother posting it.

ASOS Military Button Coat: This coat FINALLY came down from $130 to $80 so I stand a chance at getting this one :) It's really cute and simple. My two other "winter" coats are so...loud, I guess? One is checkered evergreen with a huge neck detailing and the other is a longer red coat with those paddington the bear buttons and a hood. It's just hard to wear those to anything...serious. Also, I just want this coat. That girl looks badass
I adore these boots. This is a lookbook post from Bowie. Of course she got them overseas so I have no hopes of ever getting them. :( I'm curious as to if they're heeled. I'll ask her sometime. I'd still like them actually. the studs are a serious turn on....I've been in search of a fantastic combat boot themed shoe. It's catching on with the fashion savvy at school. I started liking doc martins a while ago but it always takes me a long long time to find a rendition I like on myself. It was the same way with gladiator themed sandals. But i was happy in the end when I got exactly what i wanted :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i need summer

i have spent way too much money on summer clothes. no wonder i got bronchitis for like a week and half. oh well.

i love this. i need some rays in this town. i'm bored of pants.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello Seattle

Seattle's lookin sexy

Creds to Connor Surdi Photography. looks phenomenal

Dyed Mah Hair (and nothing happened)

This is what I get for reading literally every review about this dye product and scaring myself shitless. I didn't leave the dye on long enough so the difference in color is...a mean of .001 with a standard dev. of .000001 (yay for ap stats)

this is just a pic of my hair at its natural state. i don't even want to bother putting an after pic b/c nothing changed...

and isn't that hair style to die for?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Job Orientation + Exercise

Had my job orientation at Abercrombie today. It was really really fun actually.

I met 3 other girls who were really nice. Our manager did our paperwork, gave us our discount cards (YESSSS) and then outfitted us for our face shots that they show to corporate. After that they showed us the AAA's which are the outfits of the new season that corporate encourages employees to wear. For the first two weeks these items are 50% off with the AAA card. I bought a skirt and flip flops for my uniform and am going in Friday to get the rest once it's put on the hasn't all been shipped yet

I'm actually really excited. Staff are really friendly unlike what alot of people assume of Ambercrombie employees. They're not startlingly good looking either, they're pretty but not actually intimidating. At least those working at 9am this shift!

I already recognize all the music...I will be singing to it in about a week i bet.

Also! Exercise. Watching this korean drama Dream High about an art high school for dancing/singing this "pudge" girl goes on a diet through jumproping. I looked it up to see if it works and actually in 15minutes of jump roping you torch 140 calories! Compare that to lame running (which is boring.) I alternate my jump roping with jogs in place and then some strength training.

Here's the pudge girl (in real life obs she's not. it's like a fat suit or something. very convincing though!)
and her after. her real self.

It's IU, a 17 year old singer. She's such a good's actually unreal.