Saturday, February 5, 2011

Job Orientation + Exercise

Had my job orientation at Abercrombie today. It was really really fun actually.

I met 3 other girls who were really nice. Our manager did our paperwork, gave us our discount cards (YESSSS) and then outfitted us for our face shots that they show to corporate. After that they showed us the AAA's which are the outfits of the new season that corporate encourages employees to wear. For the first two weeks these items are 50% off with the AAA card. I bought a skirt and flip flops for my uniform and am going in Friday to get the rest once it's put on the hasn't all been shipped yet

I'm actually really excited. Staff are really friendly unlike what alot of people assume of Ambercrombie employees. They're not startlingly good looking either, they're pretty but not actually intimidating. At least those working at 9am this shift!

I already recognize all the music...I will be singing to it in about a week i bet.

Also! Exercise. Watching this korean drama Dream High about an art high school for dancing/singing this "pudge" girl goes on a diet through jumproping. I looked it up to see if it works and actually in 15minutes of jump roping you torch 140 calories! Compare that to lame running (which is boring.) I alternate my jump roping with jogs in place and then some strength training.

Here's the pudge girl (in real life obs she's not. it's like a fat suit or something. very convincing though!)
and her after. her real self.

It's IU, a 17 year old singer. She's such a good's actually unreal.

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