Wednesday, February 16, 2011


ASOS woolen jacket: I hate the front but I love the back. The back is to die for. The detailing at the nape of the neck is so gorgeous...But the front lacks serious paneling so it makes the model look thicker than she is. Now imagine what it would do on a shorter wider frame...that's me :( The skirt is a bit too full for me too. But that back...that back makes it all worth while
ASOS Equestrian jacket. I thought the back on this jacket was similar, but inverted. The fabric of the coat doesn't look very good though and the front was so uninteresting I didn't even bother posting it.

ASOS Military Button Coat: This coat FINALLY came down from $130 to $80 so I stand a chance at getting this one :) It's really cute and simple. My two other "winter" coats are so...loud, I guess? One is checkered evergreen with a huge neck detailing and the other is a longer red coat with those paddington the bear buttons and a hood. It's just hard to wear those to anything...serious. Also, I just want this coat. That girl looks badass
I adore these boots. This is a lookbook post from Bowie. Of course she got them overseas so I have no hopes of ever getting them. :( I'm curious as to if they're heeled. I'll ask her sometime. I'd still like them actually. the studs are a serious turn on....I've been in search of a fantastic combat boot themed shoe. It's catching on with the fashion savvy at school. I started liking doc martins a while ago but it always takes me a long long time to find a rendition I like on myself. It was the same way with gladiator themed sandals. But i was happy in the end when I got exactly what i wanted :)

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