Saturday, February 26, 2011

I have a feeling...tonight's gonna be a good night

Such a great day/night :)
Work was great! Learned register, was a greeter, did fitting rooms, and worked the far room. Learning registers was so hectic but I got the hang of it and it was a successful day. Will admit my throat became kind of parched from the ventilated cologne's particles. My friends dropped by near the end of shift so it was a glorious end to my shift :)

Met at Maggianos right after for a little surprise birthday dinner for a close friend. Our "surprise!" was a huge failure but the night was a success. We were all in a food coma slouched in our corner booth until we crawled out two hours later. Meandered around the mall and then eventually settled at the Microsoft store for a solid hour. The boys became quickly enamored with an alien destruction game...and realized they could stratagize the game by creating a maze with their destroyers....yes, how awesome are they. BestFriend and I frolicked to Kinect Dance (we drew a crowd with our skills) and grabbed froyo as we laughed and compared the typical "dudes" who came into the store and watched a group of hot girls play kinect and our guy friends who continued to play their game.

and i'm little curious about this
We'll see how this summer's plans pan out. F4 loveeee

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