Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Lanvin Patent Leather Wedges ($1280)

Oh my god...These are ridiculous. But they're awfully pretty to look at....One step and I'd be face planting

Chanel Chance Eau de Tendre ($65)

I want this so's like the smell of sexy berries. I swear to god that doesn't really make sense but it makes sense once you smell it! It's only a mere $65 for a tiny ass 1.7oz's not like I couldn't feed myself for a month on that. :( One day...

Marchesa Silk Chiffon Gown ($990)

The dress I am buying is basically just like this but obs not $990. I love it so muchhhh. But I have to get it readjusted in the top area b/c its awkwardly too large up there....

Paul & Joe Nid Turban ($227.50 (and that's after a 30% discount))

I could probably knit this (and by I, I mean my grandma) but buying is so much easier. Well it'd be easier if it lost that hundreds digit...

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