Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tony Moly

I don't know why the name of this skin/makeup line is so awkward...why would you ever name your brand "Tony Moly"? Awkward names aside, my mom's going to go back to Hong Kong for a short visit to see grandma and she always brings me back some asian goodies. This year I've been really into masks/serums/etc. Since it's Asia you can expect cute packaging so I was immediately drawn to these when I saw it on <--cosmetics/skincare brand from Hong Kong
Obviously they're all egg shaped but each has a different task. I'm not going to purchase the one on the left which is a blackhead removing gel peel b/c after reading alot of reviews it doesn't actually do much. The middle one is a clay mask which I will be getting, and the far right one is a makeup primer which I heard good things about. I mostly just want these because they're so cute...

After you're done you can punch in that top little area which will become a hole space. In the bottom you put seeds and you can grow plants out the top!!! How adorable is that..really now.

Here's to asian products :)

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