Saturday, January 15, 2011

new haircut!

It's actually not really a big change. I just chopped off a good inch because the ends were getting to dead. My hair grew out pretty steadily! took good two years to get from a short bob to this! and technically it'd be longer b/c i had to get a bob again for a play i was in! not shabbbbbay!

I bought new flats!! They were so stiff on the bottoms though...I had to bend em' like crazy! They went from 45 to 14 dollars!! I've been going on a crazy shopping spree since end of December so there are more pics to come :)
xiao long bao from this new restaurant that's always packed...I've had better
These hand pulled noodles were quit good!! soup was better than the noodles.
This pork was so tender!! The best part of the meal I thought

As you can see I love love loveeee food

xoxo, Organicmilke

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