Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lace Tank + Leggings = 3 diff outfits!

I didn't know how to wear the lace tank from Aritzia at first. I thought I'd just have to wear it under high waisted skirts and the like but I found out later how long it can actually be stretched out to! I wore the cotton camisole from Aritzia underneath (that's not a bra you're seeing!) and it worked out well with several layered tops!

1) Casual: The lose burned beige shirt is from my last post. I knotted the bottom so it hung loosely over the lace tank. I'm wearing Uniqlo black leggings (they're the BEST) under. I'd probably pair this with simple flats or boots
2) Summer (I want it bad...): This is the floral blue vest from the last post! The black shape under the tank is from the camisole not from my bra. i think alot of people would think it's kind of slutty but idk..I think its like hinting but not flat out slutty. I'm ok with it.

3) Casual Dress Up: Just the simple black silk blazer from the last post!

xoxo, OrganicMilke

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