Sunday, August 22, 2010

Victoria's Secret Smokey Eye

When you think Victoria's Secret models you think perfectly tanned, flawless skin, smokey eye, sexy.

While i can't be ALL those things I finally mastered the smokey eye on an asian eye!!

I opted out of a harsh black and followed the lines of the VS makeup artists by using natural browns.

I started with a white base all over the lid up to the brow bone, a beige swept all over the lid leaving a slight strip of white under the brow, and a dark MATTE brown shadow lined on the eyelash line, in the crease of the lid, and under my eye. A dark black liquid marker pen on my top lash line and finally mascara! I'd normally load it on but I was lazy and only did 1 coat. :)

The other part of the look that is just as key as the smokey eye is the tanned-goddess complexion. My skin has been rather spotty lately so I can't do much about that (but pray!) so I just did what I'd do on a normal day. Liquid foundation, mineral veil, and bronzer. Usually I don't wear bronzer but I'm happy I took the risk this time. I pursed my face like a fish and swept bronzer in the concave cheekbone sweeping from under their up towards your temples. It really brings the look together :)

happy beautifying!

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  1. Ooer! I like. It's dramatic without being too flashy.

    Also that second picture is really funny