Tuesday, May 4, 2010


From Target, that is! :)

1) TRESemme heat protectant spray! I bought this a couple months ago and used it all up (I straighted my hair daily back then) but decided to try a different product afterwards. BAD mistake. I love this one so much so I finally got around to picking up another one :) 4 dollars of awesome smelling hair!

2) Aussie Catch the Wave, Mousse + Leave in Conditioner: Just trying it tonight! I showered, towel dried my hair, put the mousse in then twisted my hair and pinned it up! We shall see the results tomorrow! I don't have high hopes...it's not like some magical mousse will make me have nice waves.

3) All over youtube...EVERYWHERE, this foundation has gotten raves. So finally i went out and got it and after trying it at home I liked it. Can't guarantee anything yet of course. We'll see how it pans out :) I want to see how it deals after a whole day of school compared to mineral makeup. I haven't ever used liquid actually!! The first real foundation I used was Benefit's Some Kind of Gorgeous which is SO GREAT, but the 28 dollars every 2-3 months was getting lame, then I just started using mineral makeup and kept to it.

Ok! back to AP test studying:)

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