Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Macs and Photogs

Macs are beautiful....the interface is so simple and just the littlest differences in layout and shortcuts make working so much faster :) the 4 finger swipes are a huge time saver and it makes everything feel way more organized. Don't even get me started o the keyboard set up...I love flat little square keys like these....oh I am so in love. Only prob....there are some differences in the office programs so when I made a powerpoint on my mac and checked it out on my PC it lost it's "sharpness" and "cleanness" and my embedded video had to be completely reformatted. :( I'll probably have to run parallel at some point...but that layout looks so outdated in comparison. Sigh

Lovin Creep by Scala and Kolacny Brothers from the Social Network Soundtrack :) Click hereto listen
Anyway. Images that captivated me :)

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