Saturday, April 16, 2011

REDLINES 50% OFF = madnessss

This morning before i went to work. 9:30AM starting shift? yah I needed coffee at McCafe first (oh McDonalds. so classsy)
Me pretrialing the outfit the night before. go me

I should just rename my blog since it's just pics of my work outfits these days....

New top! They didn't have any smalls left :( I bought it too late. sigh. probably will buy more clothes this week. I love summer clothes. SIGH. their cardigans are actually SO SOFT. i want to buy stuff b/c the clearance stuff right now is NUTS. everything priced in red ink is half price so even the thick sweatshirts marked at 19.90 is really 9.95. Insanity. Some asians buy whole arms worth of clothes.

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