Monday, March 29, 2010

Cornell Big Red - Day 1

Campus Tour

That's basically all I did today! I had a red eye flight last night and arrived here around midday. I took a big shuttle taxi with other cornell students and then was eventually dropped off at my sister's apartment. It's in collegetown I think since it's so close to everything! I really like it. I will admit that last night I didn't want to go at all...I just wanted to stay home. I felt pretty sick during the plane ride so I didn't even want to go on the campus tour but I knew that if I didn't my mom would kill me (NYC last year and failed colleged visits? Yah...don't wanna repeat that.) Anyway, so I got my butt outta lying in my sisters bed and trekked the 15 minute walk to Day Hall where the campus tour began.

First off, I really love the atmosphere. It's so serene but people still look like they're enjoying themselves. It made me realize that maybe I don't need or even WANT the city life. I always thought I'd hate living in a rural environment but so far it doesn't even seem seems pretty suburban to me! Anyway, down to the campus tour.

(A/N: the next couple days will be posts like these since I'm taking notes on my college visit to use in my future application for Cornell so it's really more like notes for me than anything else)

We started towards Sage Hall and I cannot even describe how I felt when we walked into Sage Chapel and a student was playing Chopin on the church piano. I almost cried...literally. Last night was serious bonding time with the piano before I left my Boston for a lack thereof here in Ithaca. The music was gorgeous of course but it was the environment that the music was in that really made everything sound so much more lush. It was breathtaking. I took some pictures but they were pretty crummy since I didn't want to use flash and make everybody have seizures.

Our guide also talked a bit about these things called 'program houses' which really fascinated me. She said one of them is called the Jam House where everything is based around music and another house has a lot of pianos (WOOOOOO!!!!!) and another house is called the Language House where each floor has a designated language and MUST speak that language on that floor. The piano house sounds so amazing! I wonder if I could still live there if I was an AEM (Applied Economics & Management) major. Our tour guide had a following observer named Kyle who is an Accounting TA and studies strategic marketing/accounting/finance. It sounds just like what I was planning to study! So I talked to him a little and he gave me some nice insight. I wish I got his contact information but I suppose I could just creeper find him somehow on facebook or something. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Tomorrow I'm sitting in some classes and will be buying my cornell garb. I'm thinking sweatpants, tshirt, and a mug for tea/coffee :) Basically, my eyes are set on Cornell University.

I could really get to like this atmosphere. People have been really nice and helpful so far and I really like the layout of the school. Go Big Red!!

xoxo, OM

p.s. There is something hilarious called the 'mom cam' near the center of the university. There is a large white webcam suspended on a tower that is live on the cornell website. Basically a student can call their parent and tell them to look online at the webcam. The parent gets 30 seconds to themselves to zoom in on their kid to check up on them and stuff! Funny, huh?

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