Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cornell Big Red - Day 2

Econ Class

Today I had the pleasure of attending an Introduction to Macroeconomics Economics lecture by Professor Kyle. How? My sister's housemate's younger brother (I know, its like a separation of 5 degrees [not even 10 degrees of separation!]) is an AEM (applied economics and management) major and said I could tag along.

That 55 minute lecture flew by. It was so interesting! Call me a nerd but I started taking notes. Maybe they'll come in handy for next year's AP Econ class? Anyway, I loved it. It was like history and government and business all mixed together! Sure I don't have the highest grade in history right now but that never meant I didn't like it. Anyway it was a really great class so I'm hoping to email the professor today or tomorrow and hopefully establish some kind of relationship. He really reminds me of my 8th grade history teacher who could enamor a whole class and sustain their attention for the entire span of the class. Or maybe that's just me? I hope he's a professor for the summer program.

I should be on my way to a Principles of Marketing class today since the macro econ class was quite early this morning and didn't get in the way of anything else. I'm happy that I'm establishing some relationships without forcing it upon people. Things are melding quite naturally!

As it turns out my sister's housemates' younger brother is a player on the Cornell basketball team and as we all know..March Madness craziness!! I told my friend and he was pretty excited. Me + Cornell celebrities + awesome econ class = good day

My sister and I are eating Chinese take out right now as I organize my schedule.

p.s. I bought Cornell sweatpants and a new waterbottle today. Cornell overload? Never!

p.s.s. If anything I fell more in love with the campus. I'm more familiar with the layout of the school now. While most of my friends are going to one school per day I enjoy that I am able to stay here for so long. A week is a bit long as now I know i will be incredibly biased towards Cornell (oh well!! :) ) but it definitely beats walking around for a day. I'm hoping to drop by the Music library later today! It's a good work out walking from the apartment up to the campus, it would be good to burn all these take out calories! My sister and I are eating at home today for dinner though. That will be better on my digestive system.

xoxo, OM

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