Friday, June 25, 2010

Airplane Rides

Airplane rides are often connotative with sweats, uggs, and essentially laziness at its epitome.

I'm not encouraging Louboutin heels that will restrict your swollen feet (feet fell during plane rides!) or tight high waisted skirts that make you feel as if you've retreated back to the corset days. Only Victoria Beckham can survive this type of attire during plane rides.

I for one am all for comfort but I don't think that should translate to sloppiness. Nothing makes me feel more like a slug than seeing on in human form. C'mon ladies AND gents, you can step it up without forcing yourself to be uncomfortable. there are some simple steps to comfort on the plane:

1) Sunglasses: your eyes get puffy on planes and after long layovers. Quick fix. Carry some eyedrops if you want to wear your contacts (though I'd suggest glasses if your flight is long. The air pressure on your contacts against your eyes is dangerous)

2)Scarf: it gets chilly on the plane and who knows where those plane blankets have been...budget cuts leads to gross airline hygiene practices.

3) Cardigan: not shown on the polyvore image but I'd recommend it

4) Comfortable black skinny jeans/leggings: I'd prefer leggings but for this look this shirt would be too short to cover your butt and leggings as pants is never ok. Especially when camel toes are in view.

5) Black flats: easy to take off for security reasons!

6) big duffel/travel bag: fits an extra set of clothes in case they lose your check-in and has little pockets to organize your phone, passport, ipod, flight schedule, book, keys, pens, etc :)

Happy travelling!

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