Sunday, January 9, 2011

Strapless Bras: Mankinds greatest Invention

I LOVE GILLY HICKS (newfound obsession)

Well Strapless Bras and Gilly Hicks (wikipedia described it as A&F's cheeky cousin.)

Gilly Hicks is under the same parent company as AF and Hollister but its SO MUCH BETTER. Gilly Hicks is entirely for women and 3/4 of the store is bras and underwear. It was heaven. The interior design was what really amazed me. Its the dark mahogany you find all over AF but minus the stench that leaves you feeling winded and suddenly with asthma. The staff was so friendly, the bags are adorable, and again the interior design was fantastic. I can't find photos of the dressing rooms online but they were fit for Marie Antoinette. Truly gorgeous!!

Bras were so cheap (went down from 34.50 to 12.90.) I bought a strapless navy bra and wow the difference of that when wearing lace detailed tops is fantastic. It looks much cleaner and the bra itself is great. Even if I jump up and down it doesn't fall due to the awesome quality of the hooks and the thickness of the band. YAYYYYY. Here it is. I also bought underwear but that's just TMI.

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