Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Haul

It's been a longer winter (technically it's not over yet...) i've never done a haul before b/c its so annoying to take photo and upload. Despite all the effort the photo quality is pretty pitiful b/c i was lazy and used my mobile to take all the shots. Hopefully it's not too bad? Here it is!
F21 Floral Vest: ~$13
Aritzia Cotton Tank: $24
Thrifted Plaid Shirt: $8. Yes it is Abercrombie. No judging!
Urban Outfitters Silk Blazer: Black Friday! $15. Sorry the flash makes it look dingy but it was the only way you could see the collar detail. In real life its pitch black
Thrifted cotton dress: $6 It'll be so cute for the beach! Yesi am already thinking of the summer
Urban Outfitters Silk Camisole: $7 Black Friday is amazing :)
Payless Flats ($14) and BCBG Flats (my mom bought them for me so idk the price)
Forever21 loose burnt shirt: $14
Urban Outfitters Exposed back top: $15 (Black Friday yet again!)
Forever 21 Romper: $19 Love the comfy soft material
Aritzia Lace Top: $15 It was on sale. Aritzia is usually SO pricey. Cute for layering.

Urban and Aritzia are usually really pricey (average prices around $50 for just a top) but if you wait for the right times it's not hard to dress well! I get alot of use out of all these items so it really is a steal.

That's all! Until there's more (which I think there might be...) toodleloo!

xoxo, OrganicMilke

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  1. oooh the aritzia shirt! and also everything else, haha!! :D